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King's College London
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9th-Sep-2006 02:58 pm - Nursing
Hi, everyone! Anyone doing nursing at King's? Starting on 18th, can't wait but also would like to find someone to find out how is it going or among the beginners to be scared together =)))
21st-Aug-2006 03:50 pm(no subject)
Funny - Jake Gyllenhaal: Crazy Drunk
Hello there! I have been obsessed about coming to this uni even since I first went down in September. I applied, was offered 2 places (I applied for two different courses) and I got the grades for my Firm off just this thursday, so I am definitely coming down there on the 18th september!! :D I am so excited, living in London has always been a dream of mine.

Anyway, I am pleased as punch that there is a KCL group on LJ, but upset there are only 40 odd members! How can this be when there are so many students?

I am studying Classics, to be more exact Classical Studies with Ancient Greek, anyone on here doing a Classicsy course?

Can't wait to get down there now, seee you sooon!
21st-Jul-2006 04:04 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone,

Another US student here, considering a semester abroad at King's (specifically, the spring 2007 semester). I'm currently a rising junior at Bowdoin College in Maine. I was wondering about how housing works for study abroad students. The website is not too clear on this issue. I am also applying to SOAS because I've heard that almost all study abroad students who enroll there get ample single rooms, but I'm wondering if King's offers equal or better housing options.

And to all other US kids looking to study abroad next spring: Hi!! We should congregate once we all have more concrete plans, it'd be nice to enter this experience with at least a few acquaintances.
11th-May-2006 10:23 pm(no subject)
What's good, people? I'm a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and I'm thinkning about maybe studying abroad at KCL. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the music department. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What are the prerequisite skills to be able to qualify for the good courses? What's going on there in terms of world music?

Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

12th-Apr-2006 11:05 am(no subject)
Hey guys, I'm a newbie here looking for a little advice if you're willing to help.

My name is Claire and I'm a Sophomore at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA. I have an unnatural and completly (well not completly) unfounded love of Britain so I'm planning on doing my study abroad term in London next Spring Semester. My problem is that I'm having trouble picking what school I should attend while I'm abroad. The approved programs I have to choose from are King's College London, UCL, University of Westminster and Regent's College. I want to go somewhere that is a good school, but at the same time it's my abroad term so I rather have time to gallivant around Britain (and Europe if there's time), rather than stay in my room all semester doing homework.

So my question... Is Kings College London a good place for me to consider? I've been looking at all the prospective student information from various universities and it all starts to look the same after a while. What inside info can you slip my way that will let me know what Kings is REALLY like?

Thanks so much for all your help!

PS - I'm a math major and spanish minor and would love to take some math while I'm abroad. That said, I'm sure I wouldn't be doing all math since (lets be honest) I'm not looking for a totally serious semester.
4th-Apr-2006 08:50 pm(no subject)
Hello. I was recently accepted to King's College as a part of the European Studies masters program. I am American and thus don't know too terribly much about the school. I was wondering if anyone was a part of this program and had anything to say about it, good, bad, whatever. Thanks a lot in advance!
23rd-Mar-2006 11:30 pm(no subject)
Though this comm seems a bit dead, I'm going to give it a go anyway...

I applied to King's quite a while back and I still haven't heard from them, but the deadline's coming up soon so I'm pretty excited. The problem is though, that since I live abroad I haven't had the chance to go to an Open Day or anything, so I have no idea what life at King's is like. What are the halls of residence like? Are there any major pros and cons to the uni?

Sorry this is a bit rambly and broad, I'm just in a bit of a dilemma right now and any help would be much appreciated!
12th-Jan-2006 05:43 pm - KCLSU Elections
eye face spectacles glasses
Elections to the KCLSU Board of Trustees are now underway! Nominations are open at www.kclsu.org/elections.

I'm probably standing (third year running!) so keep an eye out...
28th-Dec-2005 04:43 pm(no subject)
English Books For Sale

All in good condition!



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More - Utopia £5

Spenser - The Faerie Queene Book 1 £7

Ben Jonson - Bartholomew Fair £2

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Milton - Paradise Lost 50p (Penguin Classic Edition)

Treharne - Old and Middle English Anthology £12

Riverside Chaucer £6
24th-Dec-2005 06:11 pm - Room going in Acton - £80pw!
Hey all,

I'm moving to be closer to the centre, which means I've got a room to let out - thought I'd post here in case anybody's interested!

It's in a house in East Acton for a female postgrad/mature student, to share with three friendly European female postgrads (French, Spanish and German) who are, variously, studying costume design and doing medical research.

Rent is £80pw, plus bills. It's a lovely, well-sized room, and has a double bed, two desks and lots of storage space (literally a wall's worth if you're a clothes horse!). The kitchen has all mod/cons, the bathroom has power shower and bath. And broadband internet comes with the room. Water rates are paid by the landlords, no gas in the house, eletricity is an extra £5pw taken with the rent, and broadband/phone is split between the 4 housemates.

The house is in an area which is quiet and peaceful (great for getting work done), but near to shops and transport - so also great for getting into Central London! There's lots of smaller shops nearby, and Ealing Broadway is 10 minutes away on a bus.

If anybody's interested, email me on flyingnelly@hotmail.com ASAP - room's available from early Jan so if you're looking for a quick move over the hols, this is ideal. :-) Look forward to hearing from you!
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